school bus

Dear Salem School District Parent/Guardian,

During my Stay Interviews with students and families, there were a number of families and students who raised concerns about bussing/transportation. The Salem Board of Education and I have also discussed those concerns during recent Board meetings and would like to solicit your feedback on some possible solutions that could address the entire system including many individual concerns people have expressed.

Please note, the feedback we gather from this survey will be used to help guide the conversation between the District Board of Education and the Administration but does not guarantee we will make all or any of the changes we are asking for feedback on. Ultimately, we have to consider several areas when making decisions to improve and/or change systems. Some areas we have to consider include, but are not limited to:

Staffing- Do we have the personnel to implement an idea? If we added more adults to buses, would there be enough people willing and available to do this? The answer earlier this year to that very question was No.

Financial- Do we have the funds necessary to sustain an idea? Would we be able to absorb the additional costs that happen with the maintenance of equipment or other ongoing costs without borrowing money, and does the community approve of those additional costs associated with financial increases?

Systemic- Will the idea/change improve or hinder our entire organization over time? Does the idea align with our District's Strategic Plan goals?

If you are willing to provide feedback on ideas the District is considering, please complete the survey linked here or linked below. The survey will remain open until Tuesday, May 9th at 4 PM.

Thank you for your patience as we work to make Salem School District the best it can be!

Dr. Vicki King