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about 1 month ago

I can't believe we are beginning our last 9 weeks of school.  This will be a very busy time as we bring our year to a close.  This month the children will be introduced to the letter J, H, I, and G.  Our reading theme is Growing and Changing, and in math we will be focusing on size and weight along with a revisit to measurement.

4k screening is April 3rd and 4th so please note that I will be out of the classroom on both days.

I know it seems crazy to think about but the last day of school for our 4K class is Thursday, June 6th.  The last day for grades 5K-7th is Friday, June 7th and is an 11:30 release.

Our Sensory table has been filled with dirt, fake insects, and seeds.  The children are so excited to carefully explore!! Our Dramatic Play Center has transformed into a flower shop!!  Thank you so much to everyone that donated flowers, seeds, and dirt!



**I am always looking for donations, so if for any reason you have any extra buttons, card stock, stickers, dress up clothes (old skirts, ties, dresses), or old furniture that we could use in our dramatic play area, I would be happy to take it off your hands!!

This month I am in need Clorox wipes -scent free or fresh scent preferred!!  Thanks so much for all you do!