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14 days ago

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Can you believe it is November?  This month we will learn about our five senses, body parts, colors, and Thanksgiving.   

The children will learn and explore the letters T, O, and X, patterns, as well as first and last.  Our dramatic play will be transformed into Mitacek's Market, so if you have any empty food boxes, plastic bottles, or grocery bags, I would be happy to take  them off your hands!                              

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We began a year long science experiment with our pumpkin "Jack", inspired by the children’s book Pumpkin Jack written by Will Hubbell.  We have carved our pumpkin, smelled, touched, seen, and may even taste his seeds! The children described him as cold, hard, slimy, slippery, smelly, icky, bumpy, and heavy. Now we will watch what happens to him throughout the year.  Right now he is a smiling Jack-o-lantern happy as can be.  What will he look like right before Christmas? How about by Spring Break? He will be kept in our science center all year so be sure to ask the children how "Jack" is doing from time to time!!  

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**I am always looking for donations, this month I am in need of some large and small paper plates!!  Thanks so much for all your support