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about 1 month ago

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Less than 27 days are left this school year.  Even though we will be winding this year down, we still have plenty to learn.  This month the children will be introduced to the letters D, L, N, and K. We will finish the reading theme Growing and Changing  and our final reading theme of the year is "Ready for Kindergarten". We will again review numbers to 35 and do a little graphing and 3D shapes along the way.  As always "thank you" for all you do. This would not have been such a fabulous year with out all your help!

We will be doing an end of the year A to Z countdown starting on Tuesday.  Tuesday will be Zebra Day so everyone wear black and white!! Wednesday is Yee-Haw day- dress like a cowboy/girl, Thursday is Xerox day - dress like a twin (all of 4k will wear blue) and Friday is Wisconsin day - wear Red or a Wisconsin team Jersey!  Watch for more info!

The last day of school for our 4K class is Thursday, June 6th.  The last day for grades 5K-7th is Friday, June 7th and is an 11:30 release.

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