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Printable Menus
Monthly printable menus are shown above. You may click here to view the menus in folders.

Menu Changes
Occasionally, changes may need to be made to the menus. When this happens, new monthly menus are not produced. Please view the dining section of our website to view menu revisions.

Nutrition Information
Arbor Management, our food service provider, publishes nutrition information for items on the lunch and breakfast menus. Click here to view nutritional information.

Monthly Newsletters & Activity Pages
Arbor produces monthly newsletters. Click here to view recent newsletters and activity page printouts.

Arbor Management, Inc.

Salem School District partners with Arbor Management, Inc. for our school lunch and breakfast program. Our lead Arbor representative at Salem can be reached via email at You can view additional information about Arbor and school lunch programs by visiting the Arbor Management website as well as the additional resources linked below.

Information Regarding Arbor Management and Salem Partnership

Welcome to the School Breakfast Program

Welcome to the School Lunch Program

Allergens and Special Diets

Student Allergen Safety Awareness

PI-6314 Children with Disabilities and Special Dietary Restrictions

Free & Reduced Lunch

Your family may be eligible for free or reduced meals. Click here for more information.

How to Add Funds to Food Service Accounts

 Families have 2 options for adding money to their food service account.

1)Add money through an online payment - See instructions here.

2) Send cash or check in an envelope labeled as Food Service Deposit along with your child's Name and Teacher. If you have more than one student, you only need to list one child's Name and Teacher since children in the same family share the same food service account.

Sending in a food service deposit