3rd Grade Team

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

As your child's third grade teachers, our goal is to create a fun, challenging, and rewarding environment. We believe in using multiple techniques to reach your child's maximum learning potential.  We do not really prefer one teaching method or one way of interacting with the students in the classroom environment. Because, in our opinion, each class is different, so is each lesson; and a good teacher should always adjust their teaching to their audience, the level of discipline in the class, the difficulty of the lesson, and so on.  We believe in empowering kids. We have kids use what they know to solve what they don’t, we give them responsibility, we let them find the answers on their own, and we let them learn from their mistakes and successes so they can learn and grow on both personal and educational level.

3rd Grade Teachers

Rose Dault

Mrs. Dault

Angie McNeill

Mrs. McNeill

Sarah Kiefer

Mrs. Kiefer

Jen Meier

Ms. Meier

Sue Luengen

Mrs. Luengen

Jennifer Perillo

Ms. Perillo