Enrollment & Registration

First-Time Enrollment

For families looking to enroll a child at Salem for the first time. Families that have children coming of age to attend elementary school (4K/5K students) or families that have recently moved to the district should choose this option. The process of enrollment involves sharing your child's birth date and proof of residency. To begin first-time enrollment, click here.

Annual Registration

For families who have children that have been previously enrolled at Salem. Previously enrolled students register for each new school year. The annual registration process usually involves paying fees and updating important information regarding your children. To begin annual registration, click here.

Open Enrollment

For families that live outside of the district that would like their children to attend Salem. There are many reasons to attend Salem School for out-of-district families, including small class sizes, accessible technology, and various sports and activities offered. For more information on open enrollment, click here.