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Board Policies

The following link represents policies NEOLA* has on file for Salem School District. NEOLA’s site should reflect Salem’s latest approved policies.

Click here to view all approved Salem School District Policies via NEOLA's BoardDocs site.

The Board Policy Committee and Salem School Board are continually working on adding, updating, and revising policies. NEOLA’s site should reflect Salem’s latest policy revisions. Policies that are undergoing revisions are found on this page under the heading of "Pending Policies."

*NEOLA® provides school districts with a complete service for developing and updating Board Bylaws and Policies, Administrative Guidelines/Procedures, Forms, Staff Handbooks and Student/Parent Handbooks in electronic and printed format. More information on NEOLA can be found at

Pending Policies
If there are any policies undergoing revisions, they will be shown below.

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