Building Level Administration Team

Christy Weinstock

Mrs. Christy Weinstock


(262) 843-2356 ext. 595

Department Teams:

ryan sandberg

Mr. Ryan Sandberg

Assistant Principal, Grades PK - 4

(262) 843-2356 ext. 286

Department Team:

aly schmidt

Ms. Aly Schmidt

Assistant Principal, Grades 5-8

(262) 843-2356 ext. 623

Department Team:

Building Leadership Team (BLT)

The Building Leadership Team works directly with the Principal in building collective leadership and engaging in learning about the methods of an impactful professional learning community.  This team will continue to work together to bring in voice from all areas within our building in order to engage in productive collaboration and address the needs of our school as a whole.

Alyssa Glassen

Ashley Veselik

Jenna Simmons

Dan Cates

Emily Sivia

Gina Potter

Jody Fuller

Judy Richter

Karen Krolow

Kelly Rynberg

Lara Szatmary

Melissa Briggs

Michael Walker

Jen Mitacek

Patti Velleux

Rose Dault

Carrie Veium