Academic and Career Planning (ACP)

Salem students are engaged in a variety of career development activities as we work on Academic and Career Planning. Academic and Career Planning, or ACP, is a student-driven, adult-supported process in which students create and cultivate their own unique and information-based visions for post secondary success, obtained through self-exploration, career exploration, and the development of career management and planning skills.

Academic and Career Planning (ACP) is a collaboratively developed, student-driven process where students cultivate their own informed decisions for post-secondary success for students in grades 6-12.  Research on the benefits indicates that the ACP process increases student motivation, engagement, school connection, and awareness of individual strengths and weaknesses. Students utilizing ACP also improve their understanding of postsecondary options, better connect their goals to educational coursework and career goal activities, and engage in long-term planning for life after high school graduation.

The term ACP refers to both a process that helps students engage in academic and career development activities and an e- portfolio product that is created and maintained for the student’s academic, career, and personal advancement. These student-owned planning and monitoring tools help students create personalized programs of study that are aligned with high school graduation requirements, personal interests, and individually-defined career goals.  Additional information about ACP can be found at

Our district uses the state-provided program Xello as part of our ACP implementation. This program is provided by the Department of Public Instruction to Wisconsin schools for students in grades 6-12.  

For additional information about Salem’s implementation of ACP, please contact Judy Richter, MS, GCDF at or 262-843-2356 Ext 645.

How You Can Support Academic & Career Planning

  • You can support your child’s career development by talking about your career and how you went about making your career decisions. Students are learning to be self-aware and realistic with their options and engaging in conversation that carries that forward at home is crucial.

  • You can also support your child by asking about their interests and helping them make connections to future careers. Students need to know how what they are doing in school now relates to their future. Helping them make those connections can be instrumental in not only their career but also in their academic development.

  • Encourage your child to try new things, even if it is something that their friends are not interested in. Activities could include volunteer service, clubs, sports, music, and the arts. It is very important that students begin experimenting with different fields and activities so that they can assess what areas are a good fit for them.

  • Ask your child about her or his goals. Students will set goals with their teachers early in the school year and review them throughout. Encourage your child to set academic and personal goals.

  • If your child is in Grades 6-8, encourage them to share their Xello results with you.

For additional information about ACP at Salem, please contact Judy Richter, MS, GCDF at or 262-843-2356 Ext. 645.

Salem ACP Outcomes

Salem School District SMART Goal

All Salem students in grades 6-8 will document their interests, strengths, and experiences in an individualized, flexible planning portfolio documented in Xello. Click here to download all outcomes.

Academically prepared and socially and emotionally competent by possessing and demonstrating the following:


  • Proficiency in Academic Content


  • Critical Thinking

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

  • Creativity 

  • Problem Solving

  • Application of Technology


  • Perseverance

  • Responsibility

  • Adaptability

  • Self-advocacy

  • Leadership

We are committed to ensuring that our students are prepared to pursue a fulfilling career sparked by their passions and informed by their abilities. Each student will develop and implement an individual career plan to prepare for a successful transition to further education and a meaningful career. We believe that no matter what our students are planning to do after high school, they should be in a position to choose the career pathway that will lead to a successful life. 

That is why Salem educators, administrators, and counselors want to ensure that every student graduates from high school ready to meet the challenges of a college curriculum or the demands of an increasingly knowledge-based global workforce. Now is the time to prepare!

For additional information about ACP at Salem, please contact Judy Richter, MS, GCDF at  or 262-843-2356 Ext. 645.