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“Learning thrives in a positive, safe, caring, and respectful environment for children and adults”

Salem School  

   District Belief Statements


Salem School District believes that “Learning thrives in a positive, safe, caring, and respectful environment for children and adults” (Salem School District Belief Statements). In order to gather information about our students’ perceptions of their learning environment to help guide the district’s Strategic Planning process, a voluntary Climate Survey will be sent to students in 3rd-8th grades.




Environmental Review/SWOT Analysis Community Event 10/13/22

SPT Meeting

We want to thank all of our Salem community members, parents/grandparents, board members, staff and students who were a part of our Strategic Planning Community Event on 10/13/2022. The group enjoyed dinner from Subway in Paddock Lake and then rotated through three presentations focusing on our Academic Data, Learning and Working Environment, and Salem Resources: Financial, Facilities, and Technology. We took a look at where our district is now, and shared thoughts on Salem's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT Analysis). It was a valuable evening of information that will greatly help our team as we look at Salem's Vision for the future at our next meeting in November!

The question: Where is the District now?

● Academic Data: Growth & Achievement - View the PDF Presentation Here!

● Learning and Working Environment: Organizational Health and Climate - View the PDF Presentation Here!

● Resources: Financial, Facilities and Technology - View the PDF Presentation Here!


Vision and Inspiration Night 11/17/22

In order to help us prioritize areas that we'd like to focus on as a team, we asked all strategic planning committee members to rank their top 3 SWOT priorities within the areas of  1) Student Growth and Achievement, 2) Learning and Working Environment, and 3) Resources: Financial, Facilities, and Technology through a survey that was sent to each member. During our meeting we reviewed the top Strengths and Opportunities from the SWOT results, listened to a "Vision of a Salem Graduate" speech given by Lydia, a former Salem student, and created word clouds to visualize our Vision for Salem students. We also discussed our findings from the Five Levers to Improve Learning book.

The question: Where do we want the District to go?

Vision/Inspiration Word Clouds

Lydia Speech