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What is Rooms?

Salem School District has implemented a new communication tool called "Rooms." This unified communication system is for parents and guardians to communicate with their student's teachers. Rooms is accessible through the Salem School District app.

Why is Salem implementing Rooms?

During our Strategic Planning process, after listening to many parents/guardians share their concerns about having multiple apps to communicate with teachers, Salem looked into a new and easier way of communicating on our already existing school app.

Rooms eliminates the need for multiple apps like, Seesaw, GroupMe, Class Dojo, Remind 101, and others like them.


Thrillshare APP:

For Teachers/Staff at Salem School:

Click here for browser:

Click here for app: Thrillshare APP

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For Parents/Guardians:

Click here to download for Android

Click here to download for iPhone

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For Parents/Guardians who do not have/want the Salem School App, use this browser to view, and communicate with, your student's teachers:

Click here for browser: edurooms

How do I get started with Rooms as a Parent?

Step 1: Download the Salem School App.

Download for Android

Download for iPhone

Step 2: Accept your Rooms invite.


First, check your inbox for an email from

Click “Create a password” in the email to connect your account with your student(s).

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Next, finish your registration by creating a password unique to edurooms or log in with Google, Microsoft, etc.

You’ll use the same email address and password to log in to Rooms in the 
 district app.