4K Team

Welcome to 4K!

Our 4K program is play-based. Within these play experiences, children are exposed to a print rich environment. Children are provided opportunities for dialogue, learning through social interaction, dramatic play, listening to stories, and writing. A play-based program allows children to develop at their own pace. Teachers are able to differentiate instruction to meet the various needs of their learners. 

Play develops many skills that are necessary for children to learn to read and write, as well as for success in math and science. Play also develops behaviors that help children learn all school subjects.

The overall goal of our 4K program is to improve children’s understanding of the world around them and to strengthen their desire to continue learning.

4K Teachers

Melissa Briggs

Mrs. Briggs

Jennifer Mitacek

Mrs. Mitacek

Ms. Croft

Ms. Croft

Mrs. Veselik

Mrs. Veselik

Linda Fisher

Mrs. Fisher