Kindergarten Team

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Welcome to Kindergarten!

5K philosophy is to teach the whole child. This means that besides academics; one of the most important jobs of a kindergarten teacher is teaching the social skills children will need to become good citizens. Our curriculum is designed to address all areas of development (social, emotional, physical, and intellectual) and to meet the needs of diverse groups of learners. Children are active learners: touching, trying, moving, talking, writing, drawing, and questioning. Throughout our day the children have opportunities to explore, investigate, and predict. Even though there are increasingly more academic rigors placed upon educators; we still want to advance our students in every way possible –– and we want them to have fun doing it. We believe that every child that steps across the threshold of our classroom doors will become a success. We hold high expectations for each child in our classroom and believe that if we hold high expectations for our students they will and do strive to meet them.

Our classes will be working on developing school skills such as listening, following directions, sharing, caring for others, using good work habits, and more.  We will study each letter and the corresponding sound and will be doing lots of writing activities too.  We will also learn about numbers, while building on important math concepts including sorting, counting, classifying, graphing, patterning, measuring, addition and subtraction. The children are always proud of the work they create and are anxious to share their new skills.  Families can help at home by listening to your child share events from their day, reading to and with your child daily, and encouraging them to write and draw.

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Kindergarten Teachers

Ashley Culotta

Mrs. Culotta

Tiffany Straukas

Ms. Straukas

Ashley Rossmiller

Ms. Rossmiller

Carrie Veium

Ms. Veium

Jennifer Simmons

Ms. Simmons

Ashley Veselik

Mrs. Veselik