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5 Developmental Focus Areas

1. Social Emotional Behavioral


3. Physical

4.Speech and Language


A Peer Model student is a child without a disability who demonstrates typical development in all areas and displays appropriate behavior.

Program Overview

The Peer Model Program is a classroom that consists of 3 and 4 year old students identified with special needs and at least 50% of typically developing peers.  It is designed for children with and without disabilities to learn from and form relationships with each other. The classroom is led by a Special Education Teacher and a Speech and Language Pathologist; also supported by two Special Education Classroom Assistants and an Occupational Therapist. 

What is a Peer Model?

A peer model is a child without a disability who demonstrates typical development in all areas and displays appropriate behavior in the classroom setting. A peer model enhances the educational experience of a special needs student by being a leader, a helper and a friend. Peer models help students with special needs reach their goals in the areas of play and social interaction, and can model appropriate school behaviors such as sharing, turn taking, participation and self-advocacy. All will grow in their confidence, empathy and their school readiness skills. We believe this program is mutually beneficial to all learners.

What is expected of a Peer Model?

Peer models must be able to take care of all their toileting needs and be mostly independent in their daily living, dressing, and feeding skills. They must speak English and be able to use their verbal communication skills to effectively communicate their wants and needs.

Peer Models must: 

  • Be at least three years old on or before September 1st and not yet eligible for 4K

  • Be fully toilet trained and remain toilet trained 

  • Demonstrate age-appropriate self-help and social skills 

  • Speak in sentences appropriate to the child’s age-level in English.

A child is accepted as a Peer Model on a conditional basis.


Peer Model Parents are required to provide transportation to and from school. Early Childhood Students who qualify for transportation services will be provided with a transportation schedule.

Meet the Team

Ashley Veselik

Mrs. Ashley Veselik


Lisa Anderson

Mrs. Lisa Anderson

Speech Pathologist

Donna J

Ms. Donna Jarmuskiewicz

Occupational Therapist

Wylie Jackson

Ms. Wylie Jackson

School Psychologist

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