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Enrollment & Registration - Helpful Info

about 1 month ago

Enrollment vs. Registration
Students new to Salem School must be enrolled. The process of enrollment involves sharing your child's birth date  and proof of residency. Previously enrolled students register for each new school year.  The registration process usually involves the process of paying fees and updating important information regarding your children.

New to Salem???
You may come in at any time during office hours to enroll your children. New student enrollments are processed in the main office via the County AH entrance. The entrance is door #11.

For your convenience, you may download the enrollment form and fill it in prior to visiting the office.

Salem Open Enrollment

about 1 month ago

Open Enroll to Salem

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction's regular open enrollment period for the 2020-2021 school year is from February 3 to May 29.

Click here to open enroll to Salem via the DPI open enrollment website.

Why Open Enroll to Salem?

Each of the K-8 school districts in the Westosha and Wilmot consortium offers comprehensive educational opportunities for its students, but no other school prepares more students for success at the high school level than Salem School. Salem School students are able to experience the benefits often associated with smaller schools, while still being able to take advantage of the many wonderful resources a school of our size and diversity can provide. Salem School does have the best of both worlds! We encourage you to schedule a visit so that you are able to see for yourself what separates Salem School from other schools. Some of the things you will see during your visit:

• Students engaged in a technology rich environment—there are Chromebook laptops and SMART Boards in every classroom, with a 1:1 laptop initiative in the middle school classrooms. The entire building is wireless, providing students a meaningful pathway to 21st century learning opportunities. There are also four computer labs. Salem's new Innovation Center is a flexible STEAM learning space with wireless computers, an interactive display, multiple STEAM learning kits, and four 3D printers.  Salem School is proud to be a leader of technology implementation in the classroom!

• Flexible grouping of students in reading and math that allow advanced placement opportunities for them. Algebra I and Algebra II are taught in the middle school grades by teachers with high school certifications. Salem School is a leader in preparing students for success at the high school level.

• Many parent volunteers assisting teachers and students. Salem School understands the home and school connection for student academic success. A room called the Apple Core Room is intended specifically for classroom volunteers. Salem School wants parents involved!

• Spacious classrooms with an average classroom size remaining in the upper teens to low 20’s!

• A KIDS Club Before and After School Child Care program, a four-year-old wraparound program, and a three and four-year-old Joyce’s Preschool program designed to match the curriculum and expectations of Salem School. Salem School’s early learning initiative provides greater opportunities for young learners to experience success.

• A Registered Nurse and a health assistant are onsite ready to tend to the immediate and ongoing healthcare of students. The safety and well-being of our students remain Salem School’s highest Priority.

• A contemporary facility that is second to none locally, filled with highly qualified, experienced educators and staff members dedicated first and foremost to the students of Salem School. For example, extensive work has been done with our Response to Intervention (RtI) plan. This dedication is evident when you look over Salem's RtI framework -- especially upon examining Salem's RtI Handbook. Salem School’s plan has been used as resource for other schools to follow.

Parents who have open enrolled their children to Salem School were invited to provide feedback about what pleases them with their decision. Here are some of the reasons that have been shared:

• “Class size”

• “Rigor of classes”

• “Teacher communication”

• “Structure, discipline in class and around school…”

• “I love the teachers, activities, and programs offered to the kids.”

• “My child is learning something new every day and is being challenged.”

Salem School is often in the local media for some of the many exciting things happening here.

Please contact us at 262-843-2356 to schedule a personal tour. Any member of our Administrative Team is more than happy to show you around. We hope to see you soon so that you can discover for yourself what Salem School has to offer.

How to Open Enroll for the 2020-2021 School Year

Wisconsin's inter-district public school open enrollment program allows parents to apply for their children to attend school districts other than the one in which they live. The open enrollment application period for the 2020-2021 school year is from February 3 to 4 PM on April 30.

Included here, for your convenience, is a brochure developed by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. The brochure may answer some questions you have about open enrollment in Wisconsin. 

Open Enrollment Brochure (pdf)

Ready to enroll at Salem?

Parents may  open enroll to Salem online using the Wisconsin DPI website. (Available Feb. 3) 

Parents, if you are interested in having your child / children attend Salem School, please contact one of our administrators. 

Principal Dr. Eileen Hanson 
phone: 262.843.2356 ext 411

Assistant Principal Mr. Ryan Sandberg
phone: 262.843.2356 ext 595

Interim District Administrator Dr. Connie Valenza
phone: 262.843.2356 ext 404

Notice of Special Needs Scholarship Program
This notice serves to inform parents and guardians of students with disabilities that the State of Wisconsin has established the Special Needs Scholarship Program. Under this scholarship program and as further specified in state law, a child with a disability who has been denied the opportunity to attend a nonresident school district under the full-time open enrollment program may be eligible to receive a scholarship from the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) that allows the child to attend an eligible private school that is participating in the Special Needs Scholarship Program. 

This is a state-administered program. A parent or guardian who is interested in the Special Needs Scholarship Program should independently verify the participating private schools and the specific terms, eligibility criteria, and application procedures of the scholarship program with the DPI. 

The Special Needs Scholarship Program is further defined under section 115.7915 of the state statutes. However, special eligibility requirements not found in that statute exist for program scholarships that are awarded for private school attendance that initially begins in the 20162017 school year. Additional information about the program should be available on the website of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction:

Please Read - Registration Information for 2019-20

about 1 month ago

Registration for the 2020-21 School year will take place during summer. Last year's registration information remains here FYI...

In order to provide an efficient and cost effective registration process, registration for the 2019 -2020 school year will take place completely online using Skyward's Family Access. Electronic registration reduces the printing and labor costs associated with traditional in-person "pen and paper" registration. Additionally, parents who have used online registration in the past have expressed how convenient it is to register based on their own schedules. 

(Please note: If your family is new to Salem School and have not yet enrolled your child, you will need to come in to school to do so prior to completing online registration for the 2019-2020 school year.)

Before You Register - Suggestions:
If it applies to your family (and you are not already direct certified) apply for free / reduced lunch. Families eligible for free / reduced lunch may also be eligible for reduced school fees. After applying for free / reduced lunch, we recommend that you wait for a response to your application before you pay your fees.
2. Read through the information below so you know what you will encounter while registering.
3. Visit our Registration FAQs page

Online registration is as easy as A, B, C ...

A. Sign on to Skyward's Family Access.

B. Complete the steps found on the Online Registration tab in Family Access.

C. Make Fee Payments
You can make payments online using Skyward's electronic payment partner RevTrak. Alternatively, you may stop by school with a check. If you choose to make payment by check in person, you are encouraged to make payment during our registration assistance day of August 6. 

Please note: We strongly urge parents to take advantage of online payment processing or the in person assistance day of August 6. Please do not plan to make fee payments during our open house dates in late August. Open house is intended to highlight your child’s classroom and celebrate a return to school. Our school personnel will be focused on the activities of the night and our school will not be staffed to accept payment as we will be on August 6th.

Need Assistance? On August 6th from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM we will have computers and helpers ready to assist you with online registration. 

Still need assistance? You may e-mail Additionally, you may call 262.843.2356 ext. 146 and leave a message.

Most of the information posted below is found within the registration portion of Family Access. It is provided here as a convenience so parents and guardians can preview (or review) information presented and requested during online registration for the 2019-2020 school year.

New Student Enrollment Form (Filled out in person when new families enroll to Salem)
School Fees for 2019-2020 (Shown in Registration)
School Supply Lists for 2019-2020  (Provided here FYI)
Student Health Emergency Form (Shown in Registration)
PE Dress Regulations (Shown in Registration)
Web / Media Authorization (Shown in Registration)
Use of Online Tools (Shown in Registration)
State Immunization Law (Provided here FYI)
Optional Student Insurance Waiver (Shown in Registration)
Additional Info Re: Optional Student Insurance (Provided here FYI)
Food Service - Denial of Service (Shown in Registration)

The following form is not available during online registration. If your child needs to have medication dispensed during school hours, please download and print and complete the form for the school's nurse. 

Medication Authorization Form

This form above is also available within the Nurses' Office Section of our website: 
Sections > Nurses' Office > Medications

Payment Plan Available Upon Request.

Some families may need to participate in a payment plan.  Please contact Kimberly Britten-Barreras in the business office to inquire.

Kimberly Britten-Barreras
262.843.2356 ext 420