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SmartSocial Message. Many apps, websites, and video games create opportunities for students to chat online. Sometimes they are talking to friends they know in real life, but often these chats are with people whom they don’t know or may not be who they say they are in real life. 

We have an in-depth guide for VIP members this week all about Chatting with Strangers Online

This week’s resource has videos and worksheets for students, parents, and educators to learn about why students enjoy chatting online with strangers, the potential dangers, and tips that students and adults can follow to stay safe online.

Smart Social - Chatting with Strangers (Discord and Other Chat Apps)

For a reminder how to access SmartSocial, please click the link here to be redirected to a previous Falcon Focus. 

Important Dates




November 4th

Action Territory- PTO event

Action Territory

November 9th & 10th 

4K-5th Grade Conferences


November 10th

Veteran’s Day Assembly @ 2:15pm

North Gym

November 11th

No Student Attendance & Staff All Day Inservice


November 15th

Regular Board Meeting @7pm


November 17th

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting @6pm

  • Vision & Inspiration

MS Library

November 18th

Movie Night- PTO event

November 23rd & 25th

Thanksgiving Break


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