Falcon Friday Focus

“Thankfulness is the quickest path to joy.”- J. Bethke

District Updates

Sharing Center. Looking for a way to give this holiday season?  Consider donating to The Sharing Center. They provide our families and students so many invaluable resources. The Sharing Center is a 501C3 nonprofit. Your donations are tax deductible.

Social Media. How students spend their time on social media is more likely to increases in loneliness, anxiety, body dysmorphia, etc…than how long they are spending on social media (Berryman,  et al, 2017 & Magid, 2011). It is so important to continuously monitor their social media activity. 

SmartSocial Resource Reminder:

Experimenting with accessories, makeup, clothes, or the way they look sparks a creative interest in some students. The IMVU app (aka Instant Messaging Virtual Universe) allows users to create an online persona in any way they wish. The app allows users to play games and chat with other users, all with a self-created avatar that may or may not reflect the student's real appearance or personality. 

We like inspiring creativity in students, but IMVU has several red flags parents need to know about. For one, adult content with the users' avatars is rampant in the app. And second, access to chatting with strangers is the essence of the app.  Today's resource for parents and educators will explain more about these dangers, tips to talk with your students if they have, or want, IMVU, and a few suggestions on how to help keep students safe online. 

Important Dates




November 18th

Movie Night- PTO event

Salem School LGI

November 23rd & 25th

Thanksgiving Break


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