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District Updates

Activity Bus. We are excited to announce that beginning January 30th, we will start running an Activity Bus route for our middle school (6-8th grade) students. In doing this, we hope to provide more students with opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities after school (please note this does not include spectators for school sports). Please be sure to check out the communication from Mr. Ryan Sandberg about the details. 

Progressive Discipline and Student Recognitions. If you have been listening to several of the past Board Meetings, you will already know that our Building and District Administration has been working to develop a strong continuum of care for all of our students. One of the ways we know we can do this is by creating a strong student recognition program that celebrates students who are making expected choices on the bus and within our school campus, actively participating in the learning process, and making positive differences for others and our entire community! So to that end, we have increased the number of celebrations we will be having for the students who demonstrate the aforementioned behaviors. There will be monthly celebrations and activities for students to participate in if they meet the criteria of what it means to represent being a Falcon (such as dances, movie parties, lunch with friends and an Administrator, Principal, or Superintendent for the Day, etc…).

The other way we are creating a strong continuum of care for all our students is by establishing and maintaining strong expectations for our students. Following a progressive discipline model, which is the process of using increasingly severe steps when a student fails to correct a problem after being given a reasonable opportunity to do so, we have created spaces that are monitored for students to de-escalate if they are feeling overwhelmed and unregulated. We have also established spaces that are monitored by an adult during and after school that students will go to if they are removed from class and need to reflect on their choices or complete work. We will work with all our students to help them better understand boundaries and stay within those boundaries by recognizing those who make the right choices and redirecting those who are making unexpected choices. We are committed to this because we are responsible for helping you shape your child’s behavior in such a way that we are creating life-long learners who will thrive in the future!

4K/5K Enrollment. The enrollment for 4K and 5K students at Salem School District is fast approaching. Salem offers both a full-day and half-day 4K program for students 4 years old on or before September 1, 2023. Students, age 5, on or before September 1, 2023, can enroll for our full-day Kindergarten program. Students currently enrolled in Salem's 4K program for the 2022-2023 school year do not have to enroll for Kindergarten

Enrollment will begin January 23, 2023, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday in the school's office located off of AH. The student's original birth certificate and proof of residency are required in order to enroll. Acceptable forms of proof of residency include a deed, a current rental agreement signed by both parties, a current tax statement, or a utility bill (gas, electric, water, or sewer) within the last 30 days.

Please keep in mind that your choice for full-day vs. half-day 4K is on a first-come, first-served basis. Your choice can be made as soon as you fill out the required enrollment forms and show the birth certificate and proof of residency.   Click here for more information!

Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC). On January 26th at 6 pm, we will be holding a Citizens Advisory Committee session, open to the public. This committee is composed of Salem School community members and parents who will address topics of importance to our School Leaders and Educators. The goal of this committee is to provide perspectives and feedback from the families and members of the community to our School, in order to build a positive connection that supports the ongoing improvement and growth of our School District.

Important Dates




January 23rd

4K/5K Enrollment Opens


January 24th and 26th

4K-8 Conferences


January 26th

Citizens’ Advisory Committee Meeting @6pm


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