Falcon Friday Focus

“Your positive energy and vision must be greater than anyone’s negativity. Your certainty must be greater than everyone’s doubt.” -Jon Gordon

District Updates

Facebook/Social Media/Smart Social. There are many things I appreciate about social media. I appreciate the way it connects my son to his grandparents, and how it connects people to one another who may have unlikely been connected for other reasons. I appreciate that people can stay up-to-date on family celebrations, or even gain positive recognition from people with similar hobbies.  At the same time, I am wary of when it is used to “problem solve,” “resolve conflict”, or “provide helpful information” because it increases the likelihood that the problem will escalate, create fear and anger, or spread misinformation, or worse- disinformation. 

I do not respond to posts on Facebook, nor will I take action based on any social media posts. Facebook is not the setting for clear, direct, transparent, and courageous conversations to take place. This is something we are trying to teach our students through SmartSocial and other social-emotional lessons. Please help us model strong, emotional intelligence for our children and young adults by talking directly with people who know the answers versus going to social media to randomly seek out those who may or may not have accurate information. As for items related to Salem, consider talking directly to a teacher, or building or district administrator first. 

While my leadership team or I may desperately want to clarify misunderstandings or inaccurate information that is posted on social media, we refuse to do so.  We will only consider concerns or solutions when someone reaches out to our office directly. And we are eager to answer your questions and provide collaborative solutions! 

This is not to say that making sure Salem families are in the know on social media by spreading uplifting information is not both the community's and District’s desire. I trust it is a desire shared by the entire Salem community! Let’s continue to use social media for spreading positivity and encouragement- as I believe was its original intent, and leave the rest to picking up a phone, sending an email, or visiting someone in person to hold a real conversation. I look forward to hearing the uplifting things that 

Stay Interviews. Another option for families who want to share their concerns or suggestions with me is to participate in one of my Salem Family Stay Interview Focus Groups. You can refer to the email I shared earlier this week for more information and then sign up using the link embedded in the letter or using the link below.

Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC). On February 23rd at 6 pm, we will be holding a Citizens Advisory Committee session, open to the public. This committee comprises Salem School community members and parents who will address topics of importance to our School Leaders and Educators. The goal of this committee is to provide perspectives and feedback from the families and members of the community to our School, in order to build a positive connection that supports the ongoing improvement and growth of our School District.

Important Dates




February 13th

No School- Teacher Inservice


February 15th

Salem Family Stay Interviews

MS Library

February 16th 

2nd Grade Music Program

February 23rd

CAC @ 6 pm


February 28th

Regular Board Meeting @ 7 pm


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